The first signs of psoriasis

Knowing how psoriasis begins, a person will be able to quickly focus on the elimination process, which will help solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Regardless of the localization of the skin disease, the problem manifests itself approximately to the same extent and has the same symptomatic characteristics.

Identifying the deterioration of the skin condition at an early stage of this process will help to avoid significant discomfort, the spread of rashes to other parts of the body, severe itching and other unpleasant manifestations of this type of dermatological problem.

In the photo, this problem is similar to a common allergic reaction or dermatitis, but the causes of its occurrence are much deeper.

That is why the signs and symptoms of the early stage of psoriasis development should be known to everyone.

photos of the first symptoms of psoriasis

What is it, where it is born, what does it look like

A large number of types of dermatological diseases is a factor that does not allow an ordinary person to determine the specific meaning of the problem for the first time. The initial stage of psoriasis does not differ much from the usual allergic reaction, dermatitis, seborrhea.

The main places of localization of a problem of this nature are called by medical personnel:

  • scalp;
  • the area of the hands and the curves of the elbow;
  • the area of the front of the head;
  • legs and back.
symptoms of psoriasis on the elbows

The manifestation of psoriasis at an early stage always affects affected subjects in the same way.

The photo of the problem, when it has not yet passed into a more severe form, does not cause sharply negative emotions, but makes it clear that not everything is in order with the human body.

This skin disease, the signs of which should be considered in more detail, is determined by the following factors:

  • the appearance of small papules that in appearance resemble pimples, which do not touch in any way;
  • small, light plaques or scales protrude on each papule;
  • after removing one of these plaques, the skin turns red, acquires an unnatural luster, the stain appears;
  • after chemical or mechanical damage to the affected area, the focus of inflammation increases significantly.

Signs of this nature clearly indicate that the treatment of a dermatological disease must be carried out immediately, because it is much more unpleasant to get rid of a neglected problem.

Causes of the problem

The onset of psoriasis is a factor that always leads to more serious consequences, the spread of the disease to larger areas of the skin, discomfort and the development of all other forms of this disease.

The reasons why psoriasis of the initial form occurs on the human body are considered by qualified doctors to be the following factors:

nervous breakdown as a cause of psoriasis
  • a sharp decrease in immunity due to external factors and prolonged use of powerful drugs;
  • genetic predisposition to this dermatological pathology;
  • constant stressful situations, nervous breakdowns;
  • long-term work with strong chemicals, smoking and alcohol abuse;
  • lack of all necessary vitamins and minerals in the human body.

Based on the above reasons, the victim should be prescribed treatment. Medical recommendations are of an individual nature, since the elimination of the problem must take into account the sex, age and individual characteristics of each individual organism.

External signs of the manifestation of psoriasis of the initial stage, which can be seen in the photo, always accompany the symptoms characteristic of this type of disease: itching, peeling of the skin, rarely an unpleasant smell, the appearance of foci of inflammation, bloody cracks.

Initial treatment

Considering the symptoms and signs of skin diseases in this category, doctors recommend extremely complex treatment. This conclusion is relevant both in the early stages of the inflammatory process and in the most severe manifestations of the disease.

The initial form of a disease such as psoriasis does not look very aesthetically attractive in the photo, and to eliminate its signs and symptoms, a person should undergo the following treatment:

  • take anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and regenerative drugs;
  • the use of ointments, sprays, lotions;
  • taking vitamin complexes;
  • prevention of stressful situations, special diet, strict compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

Without a medical recommendation, if a person has a problem of this form, they should not use drugs on their own that only eliminate the symptoms and signs of the disease.

Redness of the skin and rashes are an external indicator of the problem and is the internal factor considered the initial stage of its onset.

The early stage problem has the ability to manifest itself on any part of the body. Given this fact, a person should carefully monitor his condition in order not to miss the onset of the problem, recognize its initial form, check for external signs with photos already present.

Psoriasis looks unpleasant both in life and in the photo, at the initial stage it almost does not itch, but this manifestation brings a lot of discomfort later. This skin disease has unpleasant signs and symptoms, but it can be confused with another. That is why, after identifying suspicions related to the early stage of psoriasis, a person should see a doctor to identify an accurate diagnosis and initiate effective treatment.