Psoriasis of the initial stage - signs of pathology, treatment, folk remedies

Scale lichen is one of the most common dermatological diseases. It is known that about 5% of people on the planet are familiar with the symptoms of stage 1 (scaly) skin psoriasis. The cause of this disease lies in the inadequate reaction of the body when exposed to external stimuli. And, if in a healthy body the duration of the period during which the skin cells are renewed is about 3-4 weeks, in patients with this pathology it is reduced to 4-5 days.

Causes and signs of the initial stage of psoriasis

To date, the reasons why psoriasis appears at an early stage have not yet been fully clarified. However, it is believed that the trigger that leads to the disease is severe stress. Also, among the possible reasons, experts distinguish the following:

  • transferred infections;
  • response to cold climates;
  • some eating habits (abuse of spicy, marinated dishes);
  • unhealthy lifestyle (especially alcoholism);
  • hereditary factor.

Symptoms of early stage psoriasis

It is important to recognize psoriasis at an early stage. After all, the timely start of treatment allows you to avoid the deterioration of the condition and the spread of the disease to other organs.

elbow psoriasis

The first signs of the disease can be seen on the elbows. Psoriasis of the initial stage is more like a small rash, a little later, small nodules are formed. After a while they grow, connecting with each other. Then plaques of various sizes appear on the affected areas of the skin. They turn white and peel off.

Does psoriasis itch early on? Dermatologists often give a positive answer to this question. Particularly annoying itching where the accumulation of plaques is greater:

  • on the elbows;
  • on the knees;
  • in places where the integrity of the skin is broken (there are cuts or cracks).

The first signs of the disease often appear in places constantly touched by clothes. This is especially noticeable in children. That is why psoriasis in the first stage is often confused with manifestations of diathesis or allergies to the products used in washing. This is the most dangerous mistake. After all, the treatment started when the first rash appears is much more effective than the therapy prescribed later.

Experts distinguish three main signs that accurately indicate an autoimmune problem and do not allow it to be confused with another skin disease:

  1. A stain that looks like crushed stearin. It occurs due to the exfoliation of the scales.
  2. The appearance of the so-called terminal film under the scales.
  3. The appearance of bruises on the skin (droplets of blood dew).

In the initial stage of psoriasis, the symptoms (rashes) disappear after about 2 months. If they are not treated, they will reappear after a while, but in a much larger volume.

Treatment of the initial stage of psoriasis

Doctors carefully approach the treatment of the initial form of the disease. And, if two decades ago, at the first signs, quite serious drugs were often prescribed, including hormonal and cytostatic drugs, modern tactics are aimed at eliminating the cause of the exacerbation: patients are advised to avoid stress, revise nutrition, lead a measured lifestyle. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, specialists prescribe non-hormonal topical agents, including ointments, gels, shampoos prepared on the basis of:

  • birch, pine or juniper tar;
  • Fat;
  • the oil;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs (salicylic and zinc ointment).
treatment of psoriasis on the hands with ointment

With early stage psoriasis, treatment also involves the use of fatty creams enriched with vitamins A and E. Ointments containing hormonal agents are used in cases where the use of non-hormonal topical agents does not bring relief.

In addition, a good effect is observed in psoriasis at the initial stage after applying a course of physiotherapy procedures:

  • electrosleep, which has a sedative effect;
  • ultraviolet irradiation with waves of various lengths (311-312 nm, as well as 310-340 nm);
  • ultrasonic vibration exposure with a wide frequency range (800-3000 kHz);
  • laser therapy;
  • cryotherapy.

Medicines and procedures used to treat the initial stage of psoriasis, the doctor prescribes individually, focusing on the severity of symptoms, the age of the patient and the body's response to therapy.

Home treatment

To alleviate the condition in the early stage of psoriasis, home treatment should be combined with a prescribed doctor. For most patients, dermatologists recommend starting with a change of diet, completely abandoning fatty meats, smoked meats, hot spices, coffee, chocolate and alcohol. You should diversify your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables (especially leafy ones), sour milk and fish products.

bath for psoriasis

In order not to further irritate the skin, it is recommended to use baby soap or tar for washing. Baths with collections of medicinal herbs (tricolor violets, succession, celandine, hops and others) and sea salt help well.

Experts also recommend not to refuse trips to places where mud treatment is practiced, to the coast of the sea. At the same time, you shouldn't choose the hottest months of the year to relax. At moderate temperatures, spa treatments, mud applications and sea water baths provide a lasting effect.


When one wonders if psoriasis can be cured early on, there is no question. By consulting a doctor in a timely manner, there is a high probability that you will forget about the problem for a long time.